First Lady Erdoğan attends “Hand in Hand for Our Planet: Fostering African Voices in the Climate of Conversation” panel

First Lady Emine Erdoğan attended the “Hand in Hand for Our Planet: Fostering African Voices in the Climate of Conversation” panel held at Istanbul Congress Center on the sidelines of the 3rd Türkiye-Africa Partnership Summit.

Delivering remarks at the panel, First Lady Erdoğan highlighted the importance of paying heed to the rising voice, especially from Africa, in combatting climate change,

Noting that climate change was the gravest global problem of the century, Mrs. Erdoğan underlined that the world was at a crossroads with regards to the issue.

Recalling that the latest report issued by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was considered to be a “code red for humanity”, First Lady Erdoğan described the report as a “critical call to the entire world.”


“Knowing that we are the last generation that can combat the problems of climate change places a heavy responsibility upon our shoulders. We should keep in mind that every step we take or do not take shapes the future world. We are experiencing very strongly the effects of climate change, which affects children the most. According to a recent report by UNICEF, children living in the Central African Republic, Chad, Nigeria and Guinea are in the highest risk group for climate change-related effects,” Mrs. Erdoğan said.

Noting that climate change, according to the data of the World Bank, might displace 86 million people in Africa by 2050, First Lady Erdoğan said: “Climate migrations have become a reality we experience as a result of climate change. Climate migrations have started especially from countries with limited capacity to combat climate change, which is an issue directly related to national security and development.”


Underscoring that every country would be affected by a climate disaster, First Lady Erdoğan said: “The fight against climate change can only be won if the international community acts synchronously. Therefore, the common future of humanity depends without a question on cooperation among nations.”

Pointing to Türkiye’s zero emission goal for 2053, the First Lady said: “This goal declares our intention to be one of the leading actors in the fight against climate change. It also shows our belief that we can build the present and the future of a fair world for all.

Expressing her interest in environmental problems, and her support to such environment-friendly policies of development and progress as green economy, blue economy, cyclic economy, Mrs. Erdoğan voiced her belief that actual results could be achieved as long as consensus was kept sustainable with regard to these matters.


“The fact that climate change is an outcome of human activities necessitates a great mental self-criticism,” First Lady Erdoğan said.

“By relieving the stress on the nature, we can ensure that many more generations to come can be born into a more livable world. Also, we should keep in mind that fragile groups, including women, children, individuals with disabilities, and elderly people, will be affected first by the negative effects of climate change. These affects will be felt much more strongly in developing countries. In this regard, I call the women leaders in all sectors to action. As the world transitions to new, eco-friendly economy models, I wholeheartedly believe that women will be effective actors.