First Lady Erdoğan meets with spouses of leaders attending 3rd Türkiye-Africa Partnership Summit

First Lady Emine Erdoğan met with the spouses of the heads of state and government attending the 3rd Türkiye-Africa Partnership Summit in Istanbul.

Speaking at the meeting held at Tophane-i Amire, First Lady Erdoğan drew attention to her frequent visits to Africa following Türkiye’s Africa initiative in 2005, and said: “I have always considered international meetings and platforms to be an opportunity for calling attention to the problems of Africa. We have produced projects just as we have called for the empowerment of women and facilitating their conditions. We hold special events on the occasion of Africa Day every year on May 25. As you all know, we opened the African Handicrafts Market and Culture House in Ankara. We wanted to create a fair market both to set an example and support African women. We currently supply goods from 18 African countries and leave the entire income to women.”